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is our Art Collective where a bunch of artists with various interests and backgrounds come together to be & explore themselves.

Zooluft organises music events in your local area. Check our Instagram for more @Zooluft

We are designers, producers, and also photographers. Now becoming a true multidisciplinary art collective, following in the footsteps of the likes of Acne, Andy Warhol’s “the factory” and so on.

Zooluft started in Aarhus, Denmark. Although this was the place of birth of Zooluft, its members are not natives of the area. Zooluft is composed of artists of different nationalities: Czech, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, and growing.

Our goal is to help artists develop themselves to their full, authentic potential. Therefore, we are not concerned with genres or styles, we believe great art is achieved by pursuing one’s own animalistic/artistic instincts to the fullest and not by complying with a certain genre’s dos and don’ts.


Us and anyone


Music, Art, Design, Photography


Zooluft is where we can be ourselves


You wont forget Zooluft experience