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Hiii! this is me 

An explorer born in Prague in 1998. I am your music pushing, jokes making, do’er girl who will always try to convince you to come travel with me. I got into design in 2017 when I started playing around with a pirated version of Photoshop. Shortly after, I dropped out of Humanities studies and moved to Denmark to learn about design.

Visual Communication, Digital Design, Branding, print design, ideation and junior coding are the things that interest me. Also music, tattoos, sports and visual experimenting.


Visual design



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Dad jokes

Adriana Ambrosova

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‍In my free time, you can find me boxing with a heavy bag in the gym, running, dancing to some juicy electronic music or just spontaneously buying flight tickets to places across Europe.

I have been travelling, living and experiencing life all over the world. I use travelling to discover myself, to get to know different cultures and manners, and to try out new things! You’ll hardly see me at a standstill. 

Few random facts about me

Bunch of my friends and I run a music-oriented art collective called Zooluft, I am a Taurus, I love water, I don’t like tomatoes, I am quite impatient and a little addicted to stress.

2013   ·   Started modelling and living in Asia

2017   ·   Pirated Photoshop and found my new lifetime passion

2018   ·   Started working with visual design

2020   ·   Junior Graphic Designer in Barcelona

2020   ·   Graduated Multimedia Design and Communication programme 

2021   ·   Did some freelancing during the lockdown

2021   ·   Started BA in Design and Business with a specialisation in Communication and Media studies

2023   ·   Finishing my BA & starting working with you