We shifted mindsets

with our

give a shift

2023 Christmas Campaign

How to consume less, when we need it the most?

Disrupting the mindless tradition

This Christmas campaign aims to challenge the status quo of excessive consumption during the holiday season.

It addresses the problem of mindless consumerism by advocating for conscious giving and sustainable choices and drive engagement with the brand’s eco-friendly ethos.

Campaign developed for


is an activistic up-cycling fashion brand on a mission to revolutionise the local fashion industry

by sourcing deadstock, second-hand, and vintage materials to create unique, eco-friendly and versatile pieces.

To create spot on communication strategy I used

The Disruption Method

Developed by TBWA, this Method challenges existing norms and conventions to create disruptive campaign solutions.

It emphasizes shaking up the status quo and coming up with unexpected, memorable ideas to stand out in a crowded market.


“Christmas as the symbol of overconsumption”

The convention is the problematics of overconsumption during Christmas holidays, highlighting the need for a shift towards more sustainable practices.



Disrupting the convention by promoting mindfull practices challenging people to reconsider their gift-giving traditions and opt for more responsible choices.


“Shift mindsets, buy less, give responsibly”

The statement is aimed to inspire, to rethink our consumption habits and embrace opting for more sustainable alternatives.

The solution

Target Audience

The campaign targeted environmentally-conscious individuals, including young activists, sustainability enthusiasts, and fashion-forward trendsetters. By understanding their values and preferences, the campaign aimed to resonate with their desire for meaningful change.

This campaign is build on
4 main pillars


Promoting the brand’s activistic vision and approach, advocating for impact and shifting mindsets.

Education & Action

Providing tangible ways for the audience to make a change, spreading awareness and encouraging action motivates targeted audience for a positive shift.


Focused on reducing waste by advocating for fixing and refurbishing old items instead of buying brand new.


Emphasized the need to be mindful of consumption, promoting giving meaning and experiences over material gifts.

What did we achieve with this campaign?

The campaign reached our goals of increased audience reach, website engagement and increase in sales during the holidays with a significant surge in non-follower engagement and website clicks.

It effectively challenged Christmas consumerism norms and sparked conversations about sustainable giving, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.